Thursday, November 17, 2016


At the end of the semester we will have not only teachers but also you and your classmates evaluate your プリテレ work. We will use the results of your discussions today as a basis for deciding the criteria that we will use to evaluate プリテレ work at the end of the semester.

1. Discuss the followings in groups of 3-4 people.
  • what makes a good TV show
  • what are important factors that will ensure working in a group will be successful for everyone involved.  
2. Post the result of your discussion in the comment column of this blog. Make sure to include your names or initials with the posting so we know that you have commented.


  1. A. Feng, S. Sisimit, J. Wheeler:
    engaging subject matter
    hardworking team members

  2. インキム、ジャン、 ルイン·バオ、リリ·シヤ:

    Contents should be interesting.

    demonstrate what we learned in class.

    good editing.

    Presenters should look confident and energetic.

    communication with audience.

    Everyone has an individual role and some equal time.

  3. Lowe, Quach, Yao, Chen

    Should be fun!
    Clear communication
    Good video quality
    Everyone plays equal roles
    Shows that everyone put in effort
    Demonstrates correct Japanese

  4. BU, Zabel, Shijimu

    Good TV

    1. We learn something from it
    2. Interesting topic (find it enjoyable to watch)
    3. Good quality of graphic and sound
    4. Visually stimulating

    Good Group

    1. Everyone contributes in equal amount
    2. Should good communication between members
    3. Respect everyone’s idea
    4. One should not dominate the work in any aspect

  5. 1. What makes a good TV show

    interesting, entertaining, not too complex or too basic;
    the speaking needs to be fluent (not painful to listen to)
    decent video editing

    2. Good group work

    People playing to their strengths, Agreeing on roles;
    Responsive, following the deadlines that we set for ourselves, open communication


  6. Sohn, Kang, Seah,

    Interesting and fun. Clear message. Constant engagement with the audience.

    Letting all voices be heard in this country. Cooperate and respect, equal division of labor. Be open to everyone's opinions.

  7. ユニスキム、ステイフンチェン

    1. What makes a good TV show?
    funny, interesting topic, teaches the viewer something, working together/harmony, well organized, no awkward pauses/not knowing what to say

    2. good group work:
    everyone talks/contributes to the video, everyone does a fair amount of work, good communication, everyone plays an essential role, good leadership

  8. Tian, Wong, Brown, Rodriguez

    1. Sound quality, content has to be interesting, active participation, creativity, be aware of the audience

    2. Everyone is involved, everyone has a job, set goals

  9. Interesting, Fun, Not boring, different shots, energy from the actors

    Communication, constructive criticism, everyone wants to do well, everyone puts effort in

    -MW, TA, MC

  10. S. Cody, C. Rullan, A. Xie

    entertaining, good filming/editing, interesting

    making sure everyone goes to meetings, participation, communication, having fun