Monday, October 24, 2016

Goals of the exchange with かんさいだいがくのがくせい

As you know we have a partner school in Japan, Kansai University, and they leave comments on your blog as part of their assignment for the Japanese pedagogy course that they are taking. Most students are majoring foreign language and speak two or more languages.

The goals of this exchange are:

1.        Use Japanese to communicate with others in real life situation

2.        Learn and expand your knowledge about Japanese language and culture (as well as other languages and cultures)
  • Take advantage of all the semiotic resources available to you (e.g., other languages as well as multimodal resource such as photos and videos) in order to communicate with the partner-school students in Japan
  • Use various communication strategies such as code switching or mixing (switch or mix languages), rephrasing, clarification, and topic change
  • Use online resources such as online dictionary and translation services if necessary
3.        Critically analyze the exchanges between you and the partner-school students
  • Understand social, political, and ideological aspects of language, linguistic variation, and culture (e.g., How did they treat you? How did they accommodate their language when they wrote to you? What about Kanji use? Did they comment on your content or language? What is the tone of their language?)

4.    Think about what you can contribute to the partner-school students in Japan


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