Thursday, October 13, 2016

Classroom Activities on 10がつ13にち

Discuss what makes a good blog in groups of 3-4 people.

At the end of the semester not only teachers but also your classmates will select the best blog. We will use the results of your discussions today as a basis for deciding the criteria that we will use to select the best blog at the end of the semester.
  1. Discuss what makes a good blog in groups of 3-4 people.
  2. Post the result of your discussion in the comment column of the blog. Make sure to include your names or initials with the posting so we know that you have commented.


  1. 1. has resources for studying for other students, 2. teaches you something new, 3. featured in class

    - A. Feng, I. Kim, C. Nguyen

  2. What makes a good blog:
    Funny to catch.
    Pictures & photos for food, beautiful stuffs.
    Be short. (No long paragraphs but sentences)
    Content interesting & rich & helpful reading materials.
    Easy Japanese for everyone.
    Blog format well decorated.
    Easy to read.

    X Song
    R Bao
    L Xia
    J Jiang

  3. Yao, Rullan, Cody: engaging and interesting content; videos, pictures, and other multimedia contents; shows thoughtfulness; pleasing aesthetic; shows personality; uses Japanese (very important !!);

  4. Combine media and words/explanations
    Visually appealing and easy to follow (not confusing)
    Informative and interesting
    Japanese is understandable -- be considerate to your audience -- understandable spelling and grammar

    ライト, レイサム、 リアン

  5. JC, MH, AZ: Videos, pictures, memes are helpful to keep the viewer interested. Visual stimuli should add to the understanding of the text.Helpful tips and links which provide the readers with resources are always good. Correct spelling and grammar is important as well.

  6. 1. Visually appealing
    2. Uses learned Japanese expressions/grammar/words
    3. Content is new, engaging, and educational
    4. Variety
    5. Concise (considers length)

    -K Lowe
    -L Quac
    -L Chen

  7. Engaging: good colors, funny, punctuation, exclamation points…enthusiasm, lots of cultural references, videos, pictures

    Walton, Albertson

  8. Jae Sohn
    Sarah Kim
    Andrew Brown

    Informative and Interesting -> First priority
    Variety of Topic (Grammar, Media, Culture, etc)
    Good Engagement Using Japanese
    Catered to Wide Audience (Students, Teachers, Public)

  9. -Post frequently (not just posted because homework)
    -Progress in using Japanese (not necessarily who uses the most kanji or uses a ton on their blog because they already know it)
    -Lots of pictures/gifs/videos to make it more interesting/visually appealing

    A. Tian, S. Chen, E. Kim