Monday, October 10, 2016


Video Blog Instruction

You will create a short self-introduction video for your blog viewers (including your classmates and partner school students in Japan). Since your Japanese is very limited, use other modalities (e.g., images, gestures, your tone of voice, and volume of voice) effectively.    

*If you do not want your face to appear, think of a way in which to present without your face being shown.  You could of course choose to present anonymously.

1.        Bring your script to class on October 11, Tuesday. Receive comments from your classmates in class.
2.        Revise your script and submit on October 17, Monday. Receive comments from Sato-sensee.
3.        Practice reading your script (PE5) and submit on October 20, Thursday. Receive comments from Shibata-sensee.
4.        Create your video and post it on your blog by November 8th, Thursday. 

* If you submit the assignment on time, you will receive a full credit.


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