Monday, October 17, 2016

Blog Evaluation Categories

1. Language
Uses learned Japanese expressions/grammar/words
Understandable/correct spelling and grammar
Progress in using Japanese (not necessarily who uses the most kanji or uses a ton on their blog because they already know it)

2. Content
interesting, engaging, funny (catch)
new, informative, has resources for studying for other students
rich, helpful
exclamation points
shows personality
lots of cultural references
featured in class

3. Layout/Presentation
videos, pictures, and other multimedia contents
combine media and words/explanations
blog format well decorated. good colors
pleasing aesthetic, Visually appealing and easy to follow (not confusing)

4. Communication
exchange comments

5. Consideration
be short (No long paragraphs but sentences), concise
easy to read.
thoughtfulness, -- be considerate to your audience
catered to Wide Audience (Students, Teachers, Public)
easy Japanese for everyone
helpful tips and links which provide the readers with resources are always good.

6. Frequency
post frequently (not just posted because homework)


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