Monday, May 1, 2017


Discuss what makes a good speech in groups of 2-4 people.

At the end of the semester not only teachers but also your classmates will aseess your speech. We will use the results of your discussions today as a basis for the assessment.
  1. Discuss what makes a good speech in groups of 2-4 people.
  2. Post the result of your discussion in the comment column of the blog. Make sure to include your names or initials with the posting so we know that you have commented.


  1. the topic should be new, the speaker should be engaging, the style and voice should match the subject (e.g. intense speech should be intensely given), eye contact, grammar shouldn't be terrible, emotion, loud enough
    - A. Feng, J. Latham, S. Cody

  2. 1. Smooth and natural speech
    2. Topic must be interesting
    3. Speaker should speak with emotion; be engaging
    4. Proper body movements-- don't talk to much with your hands. Don't stand too still but also don't move around too much.
    5. Loud and projected voice
    6. Words are not too difficult or too easy to understand
    7. The speaker should interact with the audience.
    8. Speech should not go over time.

    L. Chen, J. Jiang, L. Xia

  3. has a lot to energy and emotion; good eye contact; use of body gesture; articulate; good stance; content should have complex and somewhat accurate grammar; appropriate use of learned vocabulary; natural speed;

    - Z.Yao; I.Kim

  4. No fainting ;)
    Emotional, so it is not monotone.
    But not too exciting!
    Loud and clear voice so people can easily hear you.
    diverse amount of grammar points.
    Should not go over time.

    J. Wheeler, L. Quach, K. Lowe

  5. Good speech is:
    1. Good eye contact
    2. Facial expressions
    3. Pauses in correct spots
    4. Clear pronunciation
    5. Right speed
    6. Passionate
    7. Content, grammar, word pitch
    8. Understandable content
    9. Correct length

    A. Zabel, C. Bu

  6. good pace
    not monotonous
    body language (eye contact, hand gestures, good posture)

    S. Sisimit, M. Chamberlain

  7. Conversational, natural.
    Not too fast but not too slow.
    Engaging, interesting.
    Appropriate to the setting and subject matter.
    Makes eye contact.
    Clear, concise
    Not too many "あの" or "ええと"
    *mic drop*

    M. Otani , A. Tian, B. Sicim

  8. Clear and confident,
    good body language,
    not stiff and well-paced,
    shows interest in his/her topic,


  9. 1. good pace
    2. eye contact
    3. clear pronunciation
    4. emotionally correct
    5. natural

    ロドリゲス and m ウォルトン

  10. Engaging, active, old, recognizable vocab so students can understand and be present in what you are talking about, eye contact. Deliberate, taking your time. (shows confidence too!) Audible! J Wright J Cantu T Albertson

  11. Interesting topic
    Confident presentation
    Fluency of speech
    Audience engagement
    Variety of grammar
    Use of gestures/body language
    Natural-sounding speech
    Audible, please